Faith In Humanity Slowly Depleting: This Jerk And His Supporters Find Joy In Harassing Women Gamers

New year, new cretins who hate women who dare to like video games. Here are a couple of videos by YouTube user ShrineNI where he tells people how to go about finding and harassing women gamers, particularly those who stream on services like TwitchTV and play World of Warcraft. His main gripe seems to be that they are attractive and are 'using' that against men who are too stupid to resist falling for them and then donating to them (his reasoning, not mine.)


Juicy tidbits from the description of the video above:

They're a 4/10 in the real world, but a 9/10 in the gaming world.

I'm linking it not because I want you to subscribe, but to spread awareness of a disease known as AWS (Attention Whore Syndrome). You can help prevent future cases being developed by subscribing to ShrineNI.

Though really, the title of the video gives it away, huh?

Examining his gripe, it seems to lie with seeing that some women only like certain parts of World of Warcraft, or they don't dedicate all of their time to mastering a particular class. Because of that, they're not legit.

Actual quote from the above video that utterly baffles my mind: "We need to do a stealthy search of all the common spots you might find a girl gamer. In order to do this, we need to get into the MIND of a girl gamer."

It only gets worse as he walks through all the common faults/crimes committed by these women (which can be summarized as 'existing,' 'being attractive,' and 'not playing the way I want them to') and puts forth evidence that they are not hardcore enough to have a right to exist without criticism or harassment.


I'm kind of saddened that this whole thing didn't follow up the whole 'get into the mind of a girl gamer' thing with 'and then we must become the girl gamer.'

Because really, it's so surreal and baffling that an actual human being would be so ignorant and hateful. So much so that I'm almost having trouble believing it's true. Let's postulate, just for a second, that the video is a troll.


First off, there are two of them—see the other embedded video to the left, where he gives more in-depth 'advice' and even shows the reactions of his victims. At one instance she pleads to be left alone, to which he responds that he's going to destroy her.

Okay, maybe this is an elaborate hoax. But! But, but, but. The comments. Dear god, the comments: actually asking for further advice or rooting him on, meaning that even if the YouTube user isn't real, there are still people out there who genuinely think like he does.


And that's horrifying to think about, and part of the reason why this issue keeps coming back up. There are still people like this, despite all the constant attention brought to the issue.

Some samples:

What would you advise for a 2s comp? What would be a good partner for resto druid?

I support you though. Screw ugly whores

i want to thank you for this great idea, me and a friend have been ganking this same girl as the one in the video now for 3 hours it was alot of fun.

If you don't recognize feminism as the blight it has become on mankind, I can just think of you as a moron right back. Men and women are not the same.

You do a great service to society, but are vastly unappreciated. I commend thee, good sir. Please, have my children.

Women being manipulative sadistic bitches who think they're better than men.

The last thing I put forth for your consideration is what he says at the end of the second video, when he explains why he does it all.


"I'm not a hero, I'm a silent guardian. A watchful protector."



Patricia, did you even watch the video at the top of the article? While i agree the guy is a dick, he DOES have a point. For example, When a girl is on Twitch TV and showing more of herself than of the game shes playing, thats called attention whoring. When you add a huge donate button to that equation, that called using the fact that you're female to get nerdy men to give you money.(This is alot like Cam Girls who put on sex shows for money, only they aren't getting naked.) They are just in it for the money. These are the same females who use their status as women to get men to give them free stuff. This is a fairly common practice by women and many dont even realize they are doing it.

In the second part of the video hes ganking some girl who was trash talking him. That SHOULD be pretty straight forward. He didnt like that person and went ahead and ganked her. Its not even that easy to gank in WOW anymore. There are so many guards everywhere now.

Now, another you should be aware of(if you aren't already). WoW is the /B/ of gaming. Its FULL of trolls, So full its like trolling in a sea of trolls. Ontop of that, WoW is a VERY VERY VERY EASY GAME! How easy? A simple 10 minute trip to either wow forums of elitist jerks WILL TELL YOU HOW TO PLAY YOUR CLASS PERFECTLY AND GEAR AND WHAT PERKS TO TAKE AND WHAT GEAR TO EQUIP AND WHAT TO REFORGE AND WHAT BUTTONS TO PRESS WHEN AND WHAT GLYPHS TO TAKE! The entire game takes little effort to play after reading an article or two.

Also, pause the second video at 52 seconds. Nice little thing there that says you can be my real id friend if you give me money. If thats not using your womanhood to con money from lonely nerds idk what is. Also that low cut shirt lol. That girl deserves whatever she gets. Where is the attention for that? For women using their femininity to take advantage of lonely men? Oh right, you dont care about that. Only that this girl got ganked in a virtual game, not that she took advantage of real world people.