Fable: The Journey Just Might Be The Second-Best Kinect Game

There are 19 million Kinects in the wild and very few good games to play on them. I think most people will say that Dance Central is the best (partially because it seems to work more than 75% of the time). What's second best?


It could be this holiday season's Fable: The Journey.

I grabbed some time to play the game on the final day of E3 last week. Then I filmed one of the game's developers play a boss battle. The video will explain most of what's good about the game: the simple but effective gesture-based magic-casting, the minimal need to control body movement (none of that silly lean-forward-to-move-forward from Kinect Star Wars).

Keep an open mind and give it a look.

One caveat: Early on, while I was shooting this, I stepped in a hole on the Fable: The Journey E3 stage. That's why, briefly, you can't see the game well. I didn't have time to re-shoot, so please just bear with it. And, no, I wasn't injured. Thanks for asking.



This is the best Kinect game sir. Not Dance Central. Who the hell plays a dance game? Go to a fucking club if you want to dance not a game on the Xbox for christ sakes. If you want to play a real dance game play DDR or something. At least that has some real interactivity to it.