In addition to confirming that Lionhead Studios' Fable III will benefit from the frantic arm waving that Project Natal can offer, Peter Molyneux has also reportedly said that the third game in the series may have in-game microtransactions.

That's according to an account of the Microsoft Game Studios creative director's talk at BAFTA's Video Games Lecture from That VideoGame Blog. It sounds like Molyneux either envisions something along the lines of free-to-play MMO pricing tactics, in which the good stuff may be available to those willing to purchase or simply an easier way to get unlockable items.

Based on a tweet from Gamesbrief's Nicholas Lovell, it sounds more like the latter. "In-game shops are just a way of monetizing cheating," Molyneux was paraphrased as saying at the lecture.


Of course, who knows how much of this will come to be, given Peter's track record. But it sounds like interesting plans are afoot for the third Fable, like them or not.

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