Fable II Heroes In All Shapes And Sizes

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A massive gathering of heroes on the Lionhead development blog shows just how customizable the main character in Fable II really is.


Lionhead has assembled more than 70 images posted on their forums into one giant scrolling tribute to their mighty morphing main character. From the most nefarious evil to the purest good; the manliest women to the girliest men, Fable II fans go great lengths to make the character they portray in the game their own. Almost as great a length as the huge, multi-part image you can find over at the development blog, of which you only see a very small portion of here.

This is actually the second time Lionhead has posted a Hero Gathering, and with the new clothing and hair styles coming in the See the Future downloadable content, I highly doubt it will be the last.


Big Hero Gathering #2 [Fable II Development Blog]

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I remember when I played my cute little girl ended up growing into a hulking evil-looking troll woman with dark purple skin and evil eyes. I think she had fangs too.

Yep, that, is customization.