Fable II Getting Massive Dose Of Bug Spray

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Oh yeah, about that patch! Fable II developers haven't forgotten the bug-ridden masses, and are now finalizing a patch that should wipe out most if not all issues keeping players from enjoying the game.


Better late than never I say. The patch, promised in late October, is now nearing finalization, and will offer sweeping fixes for the game's most nagging problems. Targeted for elimination are bugs affecting the Monk Quest, the Guild Cave chest, the unresponsive ship captain in the Spire, the empty furniture shop in Bowerstone, and much more. No longer will your child be chosen as an assassination target, allowing you to leave them at home secure in the knowledge that they and the children from all of your other families are safe and sound.


Hit the link for more details on the patch, as well as a slew of freshly minted Pub Games activation codes.

Fable II Patch Status Update [Fable II Dev Blog]

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Great news! Except I've already finished the game. But I still own it and will continue to play with my new evil character (did you know that giving a million to a beggar is worth 10,000 good points?).