Talking with Lionhead Studios head and Fable II designer Peter Molyneux today, he reaffirmed that the cooperative play patch for Fable II is still looking good for a day one release. "It's still not 100 percent at the moment. It's in certification. They are checking to make sure everything is OK," Molyneux said. "We have never had anything fail certification before so that's a good sign. "I'm super, super hopeful. That was our plan to make it a day one patch." But why wasn't the much talked about cooperative play able to make the retail disk? Molyneux explains that the issue was in the way multiplayer was so tied to the single player experience."The problem is when you are dealing with multiplayer very often, and especially this was the case with Fable, the whole of the single player experience has to work perfectly," he said. "Because if you link two single player experiences up and anything goes wrong than the games just fall out of sync." "That's why you need this extra bit of time because you need to finish the whole of the game. This is actually something we did on the PC for years. You always did a patch, so it was very accepted that you went back home and you loaded the game up and it was patched."