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Fable Designer On Not Getting Avatar (And Then Getting It)

Illustration for article titled Fable Designer On Not Getting Avatar (And Then Getting It)

Peter Molyneux, the game designer behind the Fable franchise, was invited on the set of Hollywood motion picture Avatar. He didn't quite "get it".


"I went on the set of Avatar three times and thought, 'Good grief, he's got the same problem I have,'" Molyneux told the Times. "All I saw the first time was storyboards full of six-legged animals and I thought, 'I don't get this.' People were telling me it was going to be this great big 3D experience, and I was thinking, 'That's what they all say.'"

"Next time I saw five minutes of footage, and I got it," Molyneux continued." I finally saw what the storyboards were about. And I am probably one of the most receptive people there are to new things like this."


Molyneux was attempting to explain what Microsoft's upcoming Natal motion control peripheral will be like and relating how one must see the final product to finally "get it".

The game designer also mentioned that this Thanksgiving is the "shut off" date for Fable III when asked about the game's release date.

Peter Molyneux interview [Times Online]

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What's with all the Avatar bashing? Are people really upset that it's Ferngully/Dances with Wolves redone? Is this really an issue?

Guess what people. Every piece of art you've ever seen is a rip off/homage to something else. Yes, some people are more creative about it(Tarantino has made a career of the 70s exploitation homage), but seriously, if you went into seeing Avatar with the idea that it was going to change storytelling, honestly, I think you missed the point. Camerons creativity has almost always been on the visual side of the medium. Sure, he dabbled in genre reconstruction in Aliens, and T2, but really, what he does best is tell a story visually, and he more than succeeded with Avatar.