Fable Creator, Rare Wanted Kinect To Have A Controller

Microsoft's Kinect doesn't need a controller. That's the whole point of the thing! Still, a controller-free gaming experience is a hard idea to get your head around, which perhaps explains why Peter Molyneux and Rare asked Microsoft to include one.

"We were absolutely adamant that we needed a button, something with haptic feedback, that would initiate an action" Rare's George Andreas told Edge magazine. "It took a long time - we threw some prototypes together and then we saw you didn't need one."


"We were very vocal to Kudo [Tsunoda, Kinect lead] at the time, and Peter Molyneux was as well, that you needed something in your hand."

In the end, though, Kinect ships without a controller, Andreas admitting that "You end up falling back on the [gamepad] control scheme. It's a crutch really."

Rare, Molyneux wanted Kinect handheld controller [CVG]

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