Fable Caused Burn Out, Game's Developer Got Bad Ideas While Drinking

Making video games is no walk in the park. It's hard. For those who worked in original Xbox role-playing-game Fable, it "destroyed lives".

In an interview with industry site Develop, Fable franchise designer Peter Molyneux explains just how bad it got during the creation of the first game: "If I'm honest, on Fable we just burnt people's lives; we destroyed the team. Week after week, month after month, they worked 50, 60, 70, 80 hour weeks. It destroyed their lives and destroyed their marriages. You just can't do that anymore. You can't do it."


That's why, Molyneux adds, he's so proud of Fable II — sure, there was crunch time at the very end of the game's development, but it wasn't nearly as rough as with the first game. So the still-rumored-but-inevitable Fable III should be nonstop happy time — you know, pink children and Christmas, gum drops and lollypops.

Do read the rest of the Develop interview. Molyneux is, as always, incredibly open, saying things like, "The truth is, I think I'm famously awful at developing games. Before, I'd walk into the office, wave my arms and say ‘I've just had a cool thought' — usually after severe alcohol abuse — and that lead us to spending a lot of money very foolishly on things that weren't going to get anywhere."

Lion's Head Part I [Develop via VG247] [Pic]

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