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Fable 2 Hours From Gold, Molyneux Awaits Gamer Reactions

Fable 2 is days, if not hours from going gold, Lionhead Studio's Sam Van Tilburgh told me today. "We have one or two bugs that are keeping us from going gold," Van Tilburgh said. Even though the game, due out Oct. 21, is on the verge of wrapping up, the dev team is still keeping late night hours, he said. "Everyone is playing the game, staying 12 hours," he said.Van Tilburgh was excited to finally give gamers a chance to check out the game for themselves at the Penny Arcade Expo and so is designer Peter Molyneux. "I've been talking to him about the reaction," he said. "He asks what the reaction to the game has been. What do they think about the combat." Van Tilburgh said that 97 percent of the reaction has been very positive over the first two days of the show. "Initially I thought it was a bad thing, but one person told me the game was 'tight'," Van Tilburgh said. "I'm told that's a good thing."


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