F.3.A.R.: They're Really Calling It That?

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The third entry in Monolith Productions' F.E.A.R. franchise may be getting its big reveal in the next month, as foretold by a teaser in an unnamed Spanish language gaming magazine. The supposed name of that game? F.3.A.R.

Carrying on the proud tradition of replacing numbers for letters, as popularized by games like Driv3r, Wip3out and Thi4f, F.3.A.R. has long been rumored to be in the works, further extending the horrific tale of Alma and her offspring, the Point Man. The teaser image posted to NeoGAF doesn't offer much in the way of details on what the third proper F.E.A.R. game would bring with it other than fetuses of mass destruction and grizzled looks, but it does hint at more information hitting next month.

We reached out to Warner Bros. reps who declined to comment about the image or the possibility of one more F.E.A.R., but it certainly looks like we're due for more.


F3AR revealed.Yes, it's named F3AR, so original. [NeoGAF]

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Oh lord.

Fear 1= Mind numbling basic and cookie cutter shooter with horrible scare tactics of shit hollywood pg13 movies use to "scare" teens into paying to see the movie. Im sorry but voices, flickering lights and shit popping out followed by a loud noise is a insult to be calling itself horror.

Fear 2= More of the same, and I mean same shit. You fight the exact same enemies with the exact same tactics with the exact same weapons in the exact same corridors and offices while the games throws the exact same pitiful excuse for scares at you and to top it off as a final fuck you to the player, after you spent 47 minutes beating the game it pulls the "to be continued" with the generic "girl pops up suddenly after its over" shit just like the first one.

Horrible, horrible games.