Exterminate! Here’s Your First Look at the Doctor Who Game in Action

We've seen one screen from the Time Lord's upcoming game but video of Supermassive's Doctor Who game surfaced just a short while ago. The teaser provides glimpses of the antagonists players will be facing up against and you'll get a sense of what the action in Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock will play like. The game's set to hit PS3, PC and PS Vita later this year.

Creating Monsters for Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock
[PlayStation Blog]

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KrautMcFriend: Bow of Souls

Okay, okay - this is a great time for me to ask this question, and I appreciate all the responses.

I have never, ever watched Doctor Who, but my dad says I need to, along with about every co-worker of mine.

Where should I start with this series? I have Netflix Instant Streaming, but I get confused. It appears there are a bunch of "movies", but those appear to be 3 episodes or something like that. There are also seasons, etc. I see shows from 1979 and 2009 - Aghhhhhhh!

Any suggestions? Thanks!