Illustration for article titled Explosives to Blow Up Frozen Cows? Sounds Like a Job for emTeam Fortress 2/ems Demoman

Multiplayer gamers know this fact: if you wander away from your group, you can die a horrible, stupid death. Cows apparently do not have this knowledge.


A bizarre news story from the Seattle Times tells the story of about half a dozen cows that have uttered their last moo and left frozen carcasses behind in a cabin near Aspen, Colo. The problem with the dead cows is that they've frozen to each other, creating a solid, potentially delicious mass that's become very hard to move.

Things are going to get warm soon and there's a threat of dead cow essence polluting the local water supply if the carcasses start to decompose. One of the solutions that the U.S Forest Service is considering is using explosives to dislodge the cows. Where's Team Fortress 2's blowing-stuff-up expert when you need him, huh?


Forest Service may blow up frozen cows in cabin [Seattle Times]

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