Explore Dead Space Narrative With No Known Survivors

EA continues to display an amazing amount of dedication to the story aspects of their upcoming sci-fi horror shooter Dead Space with the launch of No Known Survivors, a website that will feature two tragic stories from the Dead Space universe, told through the use of 3D animations, voice talent, original video and interactive elements. The website launches with nine body parts floating through space, each of which will morph into the shape of a mutated necromorph body part before becoming clickable, with one a new chunk of content activated every Monday, starting this week. The first of the two stories, "Misplaced Affection", is the story of an organ replacement tech who falls for a female officer. The second, "13", features the story of a sleeper agent faced with tough decisions. It's all terrible atmospheric, doing an excellent job of heightening my excitement for the game. Head over to NoKnownSurvivors.com right now to check it out.


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