Explode American Capitalist Pigs For Free, For Fun

The folks behind Alien Hominid HD have a little Freudian present for you iPhone gamers out there.


Developers The Behemoth are in the process of turning Super Soviet Missle Mastar, a mini-game hidden in Alien Hominid HD, into a free iPhone title. Complete with big white phallic missile, capitalist pigs and a U.S.-shaped target, all depicted in glorious Russian-era 8-bit graphics.

The best part? No, it's not a chance to blow up capitalist pigs, it's that you can do it for free, if Apple doesn't take offense.


Super Soviet Missile Mastar to blast into your iPhone/iPad [The Behemoth Blog]

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Killer Toilet

THIS should have been playable as an Easter Egg in Black Ops in one of the missions.