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Explain The Story Behind Your Stupid Gamertag

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If you're lucky, or brave, your gamertag (or other similar account name) might be, well, your name. A few of my friends are like that. Chances are, though, you picked a fake handle and went with that instead.


That name might be insightful. Or clever. Or funny. Or, more likely, indecipherable and a little stupid.

Yet behind every stupid (or smart!) decision is a story, and we want to hear yours. I'll get the ball rolling.


Mine is...the sound a fish makes when you discover them in Wind Waker. A little silly, perhaps, but I've always enjoyed the fact it meant I never needed miscapitalised letters, underscores or numbers in the thing.

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Stephen Totilo

My Gamertag is "stephentotilo". Why? Because it used to be "stephenMTV". My PSN ID is stotil, because, when I worked at Newsweek, their e-mail formula was first-initial/first-five-letters-of-your-last-name. "stotil" had a nice ring to it.