Exclusive: Grimlock Rampages Through a Transformers Game That Actually Looks Good

We've got the first in-depth footage of Transformer: Fall of Cybertron's Dinobot hellraiser, the mighty Grimlock. This is more proof that we are in a good year for Transformers games.


Fall of Cybertron's creators sent us this clip to show off how you can play as one of the all-time Transformers greats, a great who was rescued from toy-maker oblivion to chew scenery in this August-scheduled original sequel from High Moon Studios.

You'll be able to play as Grimlock in parts of the game's single-player campaign, which oscillates between featuring Autobots and Decepticons in the playable roles. The game is set after the critically-acclaimed Transformers: War for Cybertron which told a new story set in the distant past of the Transformers' home planet.

In the video here, creative director Matt Tieger talks you through how Grimlock controls. He talked me through the same thing in person a couple of months ago, when he told me all about the game during a demo in Las Vegas. He punctuated his excitement about Grimlock with a little bit of profanity back then, but I think he had to clean that up for this video.

In previous Transformers games, we;ve been robots that transform into trucks or a space planes. Been there, been that.


In this game, you can be a space T-Rex who stands twice as tall as the average Decepticon and breathes fire upon them. That's better.


Some takeaways:

1) The Rage meter looks to be something you can turn on and off once it's filled. That is to say, you can turn into a T-Rex...kick some ass...then flip back into a robot and conserve some of that energy for next time. (Though you'll probably have to fill it gain to activate)

2) The Dinobots (or at least Swoop) talk normally.

3) Grimlock looks like he controls more like a Hack 'n Slash character. (Something closer to the Musou series)