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"Wow." That was the only word that came to mind when I got to experience a Day Note myself. I'd written Day Notes before, but those were on older hardware and certainly before the advent of 3D and the popularity of motion control. This new Day Note, which I've got the first hands-on preview with anywhere right here, I think, is just amazing. It doesn't have cut-scenes, but it does allow for both co-op multiplayer and a spectator mode (the spectators can even comment!). The multiplayer is asynchronous, meaning I go, then you go, then I go again. (Or then Crecente goes again, as it were.)

You may think this is just like the old Day Note, but if you do, you are wrong. This new version of the Day Note, which can also be entitled the Night Note, is brand-spanking new. Really. It's like nothing else before. (Did I mention it's free-to-play and online-only?)


Sorry, but I don't have any screenshots of the new Day Note. Just this text. I do hope you enjoyed this exclusive preview.

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