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Excited Counter-Strike Player Will Not Calm Down

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We've all been there once or twice. Sometimes games are exciting. Sometimes we scream. This Counter-Strike player, though, is really into it. Nearly every shot, every bomb plant, and sometimes for no real reason at all. "OH SHIT. HOLY— OH MY GODDDD THAT WAS AMAZING." Screaming, yelling, hollering. He never stops.

Reckless Pug came across what they (perhaps correctly) describe as the most enthusiastic Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player ever. There's a beautiful cadence to the way he gets riled up, too. He has phases, you see. They build, like monstrous waves at sea, reaching new thresholds before exploding into different forms.

First, there's basic speech. He notices something. Could be an enemy. Could be a fire from a molotov. Could be a really cool wall. Then he advances to motormouth mode, wherein he suddenly begins talking at a million miles per hour. At this point, he is nearly—but not quite—unintelligible. Then comes level three: sound and fury signifying everything, nothing, and all that lies between. "OH MAAAAAAN, YOU BROUGHT HIM DOWN. YOU'RE A PROOOOOOO. YOU'RE A PROOOOOO GAMER. HOLYYYYY SHIT." His tongue nearly trips over itself trying to expel all the wonderment. His microphone strains under the pressure of his thunderous enthusiasm. Human ears can barely keep up.

Would that we could all care that much about anything. Or, who knows, maybe this guy is just hamming it up for comedic effect. Regardless, it's quite a thing to witness. Have you ever run into a player who was this excited (and not, you know, just being shitty and yelling at someone)?


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