Sure, I've engaged in a little bit of creeper-like behavior with a few of my former girlfriends in the past, as shocking as that may be—but this is something else.

Spotted on China's Twitter-like microblog, Weibo, and plastered all over China's various media photo slideshows, is a series of photos of a photographer named Wan, who photoshopped himself into pictures with his girlfriend. Wan is an adult, and the photos of his girlfriend are from when she was a child.

While it might seem sweet that he wants to say that he's been part of his lady friend's life, the photos are downright creepy! A few photos almost border on pedophilia, particularly the one where he's looking up her skirt. Keep in mind that his girlfriend is an adult like he is.

To make the photoshops look better, Wan even posed for the photos to make himself look like he belonged in them!


The reason behind the terrifying photoshops is that Wan wants to celebrate his four-year anniversary. He posted a message on his Weibo, saying "I want to send my love letter to little you, but without a time machine, the only thing I can do is come into your dream to meet you."



Which begs the question... how does this make any sense?

According to People's Daily's slideshow captions, female Chinese netizens seem to find the gesture romantic. I guess I'm in the minority that find it creepy.


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