Ex LucasArts, Budcat Staffers To Also Have A Lousy Christmas [Update]

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Bizarre Creations isn't the only video game developer dealing with hard times right now. Two more developers appear to have been affected by holiday layoffs, including Star Wars game dev LucasArts and Guitar Hero studio Budcat Creations.


Sources close to LucasArts say the studio has gone through another round of layoffs today, but numbers were not specified. The studio was hit with as many as 85 cutbacks in September, after wrapping up development on The Force Unleashed II.


When contacted for comment, LucasArts confirmed changes in staffing, but did not provide details.

"LucasArts recently made a minor adjustment in staffing to help us better address the needs of the business," said a LucasArts rep. "We remain committed to our internal studio – and to fostering relationships with trusted external partners – in order to deliver quality games that amaze and inspire fans."

The other studio given the gift of joblessness today is Budcat Creations, according to former employees of the Iowa City-based developer. The developer of PlayStation 2 and Wii versions of many of Activision's Guitar Hero games was acquired by the publisher in 2008, shuttered today.


Update: Activision has provided the following statement, confirming the closure of Budcat.

We continue to streamline our music development resources to ensure that they are aligned against our slate and strategic goals. As a result, we are implementing a targeted reduction in jobs in our Quality Assurance team in California and closing our Budcat studio in Iowa. Budcat has been a great partner to Activision and has created a lasting impact on the Guitar Hero franchise.

Approximately 88 positions, or approximately 1% of our global workforce, will be impacted by these reductions. We are working to redirect those employees that are impacted to other parts of the company where possible, as well as offering them outplacement counseling services.

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How the hell do u own the SW franchise and lose money on it, at all?! Especially when it comes to games? Words fail me. How is it possible to make crappy SW anything? Seriously.

The other is an Activision subsidary. 'Nuff said.