Ex-Circuit City Pre-Owned Consoles Include Credit Card Details, Home Porn

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Did you offload an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 at Circuit City while the retailer was imploding? If you did, we hope you wiped your personal details from the machine. Because Circuit City didn't.


Having read our post on GameStop's Texas refurbishment centre, we were contacted by a reader who works in a similar facility (though not one that services GameStop). And there, he claims, things were a little different.

See, this facility (doing work for a smaller retail chain) bought some of Circuit City's stock of pre-owned 360s, PS3s, DSs, PSPs and Wiis. And according to our tipster, didn't get what they paid for. The deal was that this company would be purchasing an allotment of consoles that would be pre-owned, though in working condition, and with maybe a few components missing.

Instead, not only does he allege that the majority of consoles broken (217 of 227 Xbox 360s were "non-functioning", and 167 of 205 PS3s), but, more importantly, that a "large quantity" of them came with something extra: sensitive personal information.

Friends lists. Photos. Videos. Sexy home videos. Arcade games. Credit card details.

The facility discovered this while repairing the damaged consoles. They'd fix them, turn them on, test their network connectivity, then suddenly start receiving friend requests, chat requests, game invites, etc. What's more, with the user details still recorded on the system, they could have easily purchased game content on an unsuspecting former owner's credit card.

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It's a massive compromise of personal information. And while, yes, in the first instance these people should have been more aware of their data, it was a dick move on Circuit City's part to not erase the data before selling it on to a third party.


The lessons here? Don't trust big business to do something you should really do yourself! Especially when it involves your credit card details. And home videos of you riding the missus like a naughty donkey.


Eh, I get that kind of nonsense whenever I find a computer near a community trash can or buy it at a thrift, Typically I'll fix them or part them out, and often I will find where the previous owner didn't bother to wipe personal data off the computer.

Last one involved a computer left by a community can and it apparently belonged to a person who worked for a local church. Lots of addresses, phone numbers and her personal tax info (including her social security number!). But it also had where they had forgotten to wipe their cache, and it revealed visits to porn and foot fetish sites...yoicks ^_^!

They should be thankful I found that, since I am not interested in keeping personal info and just destroy the data on the HDs and re-use the drives when needed. But if someone with bad intent found that..hoo-BOY!