Everything's Blue in The Week in Gaming Apps

Well, almost everything. We had a good thing going, Talisman Prologue, and you had to go and completely screw things up. Great job. Don't know why I even bother anymore.

They Need to Be Fed 2 is blue, sometimes. The newly-retooled The Night Jar? Blue. There're blue skies in Madmonster, even if they are the sort prone to say goodbye, and Deep Sea Deli lives near a pineapple under the sea, where everything floats and everything is blue.


Here's what you need to do, Talisman Prologue. Get yourself a blue house. Paint the windows blue. Only wear blue clothes. You know what? Fuck it. Paint the streets blue. The trees too. Who knows, you might even wind up with a girlfriend that's so blue.

It's too late to run. You're getting sucked in.

There, now you've got it in your head too. Mission accomplished. Where were we?

What We Played This Week

MadMonster - iOS - $.99

A smashing good time? MadMonster is a game about a monster. He's mad. He runs back and forth smashing things, which in turn propels him into the air. Hasn't stopped being entertaining yet.


Talisman Prologue - iOS, Android - $4.99

Based on the classic fantasy boardgame, Prologue is a series of single-player board game adventures meant to get fans up to speed with the game world. A very good start.


Deep Sea Deli - iOS - Free

A match puzzle game with a nautical restaurant theme, from PlayFirst, the folks behind Diner Dash and other diabolical time sinks. Might eat your soul.


The Night Jar - iOS - $4.99

There are dangerous and fascinating things going on in The Night Jar, but you won't see them. Trapped inside a mechanized suit without outside visuals, your only guide through this tale of suspense is the voice of Benedict Cumberbatch in your headset. If that's not worth $4.99, I don't know what is. Originally released in 2011, the game has been completely rebuilt using the new Pap interactive audio engine and API for unbelievable 3D sound. Headphones are required.


They Need to Be Fed 2 - Android, iOS - $1.99

The sequel to Bit Ate Bit's amazing gravity-based platforming puzzle game, I would pay $2.00 to listen to the music in They Need to Be Fed 2, let alone play it.


Gaming App Reviews for the Week of April 22 - 26, 2013

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