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Everything Wrong With Spider-Man 3 Is Why The Franchise Got A Reboot

Illustration for article titled Everything Wrong With emSpider-Man 3/em Is Why The Franchise Got A Reboot

When the final movie in the first Spider-Man trilogy changed Peter Parker's motivational motto from "With great power comes great responsibility" to "shit happens" was the perfect moment to call for a do-over. Let's see what other Cinema Sins Spider-Man 3 committed.


Judging from the positive reviews of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the notion that a superhero movie can't support multiple villains has been tossed out, giving Spider-Man 3 no excuse — it's just a bad movie.

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I always thought the franchise got a reboot because if Sony doesn't keep making Spider-Man films, they lose their cash cow when the rights revert back to Marvel. And so that's why we're being given these sub-par Spidey flicks that would be 15 million times better were Marvel doing them. Sigh.