Everything About LEGO Dimension's Portal Trailer Is Really Great

I would have said awesome, but she’s watching us. She’s always watching us.

Oh GLaDOS, it’s so good to have you back, even in LEGO form—perhaps especially in LEGO form. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to lie directly to Batman’s cowled face, one of the many highlights of this trailer for LEGO Dimension’s Portal pack.

More than just placing a toy on a portal and having it come to life, the trailer demonstrates different ways to interact with the LEGO minifigures on the Stargate-looking base pad. Portals? Sure, but also shrinking, growing, color-changing, elemental attuning—even the all-knowing GLaDOS has no idea what the hell is going on.


And then there’s this...

She probably just would have talked and talked and talked anyway. She’s so wordy.

LEGO Dimensions arrives just in time for the world to end and nothing else to matter. That’s in September.


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