Everyone Who Was Upset About Deus Ex: The Fall Can Play It On PC Now

Remember the outcry over Deus Ex: The Fall, the mobile side story to Square Enix's hit Deus Ex: Human Revolution? The game just hit Steam, so everyone can be happy now. Yay!


Well, except for console gamers, who'll have to wait until someone turns it into a digital download for PSN or Xbox Live Arcade. And the folks who were so upset over Deus Ex getting a mobile spin-off they swore off the series altogether. Oh, and the folks miffed they had to wait so long — they're probably not completely happy.

What about the video games press folks who wrote review headlines like "Sorry Console/PC Gamers, But The Mobile Deus Ex Is Damn Good"? They can go to hell, the jerks.


Deus Ex: The Fall is now available on Steam for $9.99.

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Yeah....standards for mobile gaming are different than PC. Especially, for a FPS. Especially when that FPS is an offshoot of a GREAT FPS. Based on the trailer. This looks like a joke...I can forgive bad graphics, but the gun play and action was not designed for mouse and keyboard. It looks stiff and completely detached. DE:HR didn't have the best gun play, but it had SOME gun feel and impact. I think this is a pass for me, unless I see glowing user reviews from fans. Can't wait for the real sequel!