The Last Guardian is filled with magical moments, but none quite as magical as when the legendary winged cat beast takes a massive rolling poo off the side of a treacherous bit of scaffolding.

Without giving too much away, Trico’s digestive tract plays a pretty big role in The Last Guardian, and why shouldn’t it? His behavior is modeled after that of various real-world beasts, and real-world beasts poop all the time. Seriously, they never stop. There’s probably one near you right now, just a-poopin’ away.


That said, someone in the comments of my The Last Guardian review asked me if Trico pooped, and I replied that he did not. I was so wrong. The video below shows an event that occurred during in my playthrough of the game, but somehow I managed to be looking away from Trico as green globes rained from his anus. If not for YouTuber Brian Taylor (via Reddit), I may have never witnessed this majestic moment.

A few observations here.

  • From what I gather from playing through the game, Trico feeds on barrels of blue energy. If he poops out green globes, that must mean his digestive tract absorbs yellow, making him Sinestro’s arch-enemy.
  • I’m glad Trico attempts to scratch at the ground to bury his poo, but all he is doing here is covering it with wood shavings.
  • How could I have possibly missed this? Half of the screenshots I took while playing were of Trico’s rear end.
  • Since he’s part bird and part cat, does Trico have an anus, or does he sport a cloaca, the combination sex/digestive output gland enjoyed by most reptiles, birds and fish? Rather than just ask, I say we form groups for the opposing theories, mostly because I want a Team Cloaca t-shirt.
Now that I look closer, the lack of testicles and designer Fumito Ueda’s reference to Trico with male pronouns would suggest this is a cloaca. Don’t let that dissuade you, Team Anus.

Also take note of the size and shape of Trico’s excrement. Maybe draw some pictures. Compose a little song to them. Anything to keep you from just picking them up and running about with them, as in the outstanding threat in The Last Guardian Reddit titled, “Strange green eggs or blobs. No purpose?” (via Games Radar).


Ultimately I appreciate the effort that went into making Trico a living, breathing, pooping creature. He makes a fine companion to the young boy who doesn’t eat, drink or poop the entire time you play him.

Perhaps their bond is so strong that Trico poops for the boy. Imagine being that close to another living being. May we all find that one day.

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