Everybody Get in Line for the E3 2011 Nintendo Spectacular

With Nintendo showing off their latest and greatest console during their E3 2011 press conference this morning, this is a ridiculously long line that pretty much everyone wants to be in.


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Győző Baki

Why is everyone so excited about the conference per se, I mean why does it matter if it's going to be the best one or not? Last year's Nintendo conference was good, the 3DS moment was neat, but pretty much all of the major things from last year either flopped (3DS), disappointed (Epic Mickey), or simply haven't been released. Microsoft didn't announce many news, but they delivered, and that is what matters. Maybe once again Nintendo will have a nice conference, but I'd rather hope in a shallow one but with the new console being REALLY good with REALLY good games. I will not be buying the latest tech to play a Mario, Zelda and a Metroid game.