Every Nintendo 64 Game, in One Giant Video

Total RecallTotal RecallTotal Recall is a look back at the history of video games through their characters, franchises, developers and trends.

There were 296 games released for the Nintendo 64 in North America. Which is hardly any, I know. But it'll still seem like a lot when you sit down and watch this movie which collects footage from every single one of them.

I always forget StarCraft came out on the N64. Man, those were the days.

The games are in alphabetical order, but if you need to see just which is which, here's the complete playlist.


Every Nintendo 64 Game in One Video [Swordless Link, via martinthew]

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In general, they mostly look like shit (visuals wise), but in this video, you can see that there used to be more creativity in full console games. Sure, we have Indie and Arcade downloads now, but you have a toss up of Bite-Size play, or 'full' experiences.

During the dawn of 3D graphics, the PSX, Saturn and N64 had bags of 'full' games, that covered many genres, mechanics and themes. It was a great time of diversity, and diversity on the console. The generation after started to push towards the AAA prestige. But some of the diversity stuck, it was a noticeable dip though.

Now, it's either AAA, or Indie/Arcade. Anything in the middle now carries a license or is targeted towards kids - shovelware.

You can certainly say, that there was also more crap back then too. Which there was, loads of bad games. But there were also hidden gems. Those types of games though, don't seem to exist anymore. Picking up a Tenchu, Bushido Blade, Ronin Blade, Dragon Force, Athlete Kings and on and on...those days have passed.

Like I said; there are some positives, the games are consistently better. There are also loads of games to play across many platforms. Motion, Touch and Voice are all exciting, there's a lot of creative mechanics and ways to interact. Great games are being made.

But...it feels as though fewer developers say "I have this cool idea for a game".

Sure, I am getting older, I am wearing rose-tinted specs, but that middle ground just doesn't seem to be there anymore. And with that gone, so are the games.