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Every Half-Life Fan's Worst Nightmare

The moment all Valve and Half-Life fans have been waiting for might be revealed at this year's E3, predicts YouTube user aekime. But will it be the big reveal everyone is sitting on the edge of their seats for?

At least Gabe will apparently make the most amazing entrance ever.

Fair warning: This video is only slightly creepy. That's if you consider a crazed Half-Life fan biting his friend's ear off to be creepy. Let's just say it seems like the creator took some inspiration from David Firth.

And for the record, I'd be very happy with a new Left 4 Dead.


Gabe Newell at E3 2012 [Reddit]

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Everyone knows that every Half-Life fan's worst fear would be if Half-Life succumbed to this modern trend of reboots and became... a first-person shooter.

We've seen countless series, like 2D game Metroid, adventure game SWAT, not-exactly-isometric RPG Ultima, whatever-the-hell Syndicate was, and isometric RPG fallout all become FPSes.

This shall not stand!

Brothers, unite with me, and we shall prevent Half-Life from becoming an FPS!