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Every Friend Recruited for Bubble Galaxy with Buddies is Clean Drinking Water for Burkina Faso

Illustration for article titled Every Friend Recruited for emBubble Galaxy with Buddies/em is Clean Drinking Water for Burkina Faso

Scopely's latest "with Buddies" game hits the iTunes app store today, bringing with it a flood of clean drinking water for a developing country. The developer has partnered with charity:water to donate a gallon of water to the West African country of Burkina Faso for every friend you nag to play.


Bubble Galaxy with Buddies is a Bust-a-Move type bubble popper with a space theme and a multiplayer focus, allowing players to challenge their Facebook friends in alternating 60-second rounds. Launching on the App Store today (and free for a limited time), the game features an incredibly compelling reason to bug the hell out of your Facebook friends.


For every unique Facebook friend you lure into a game, Scopely will donate the price of a gallon of water to charity:water, to be used towards replenishing the two main wells in Burkina Faso, a country in which 59 percent of the population lacks access to clean water.

"We are a socially conscious startup, and believe in creating mobile games that empower our players to be the catalysts for positive social change," said Walter Driver, co-founder and CEO of Scopely. "With the help of charity: water we're refurbishing two main wells in Burkina Faso, and our players keep the water flowing simply by getting new friends to experience Bubble Galaxy With Buddies."

Your friends might hate it when you bug them about fake farming supplies, but I can't see them having a problem being poked to potentially save lives. This is the kind of social gaming I can really get behind.

Get the game here, and then bug away.

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I find it a rather revolting form of marketing. It's exactly the same with the kickstarter kittens.