It's summer. It's hot. In China, some college students have figured out a way to beat the heat: Inflatable pools in their dorm rooms!

In Chinese, these are called "college student dorm inflatable pools" (大学生宿舍充气泳池). Summer sessions are notoriously hot, and Chinese university students have come up with a variety of ways to cope, including this.

While not all college students in China have inflatable pools in their rooms (they don't!), the trend became somewhat of a thing online last year—well, enough of a thing to be covered by TV news. Today, Chinese news site CRI ran photos of students in Hubei Province in their inflatable dorm pool, playing cards and using a laptop. Just don't get electrocuted!


[Photo: ZKX]

[Photo: Hainan]


[Photo: CRI]

[Photo: qq]


[Photo: Dayoo]

[Photo: Fjsen]


[Photo: Sina]

[Photo: CNXZ]



[Photo: CNNB]


[Photo: Outsider886@Weibo]

Eric Jou contributed to this report.

Top photo: Fermatttttttt

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