Every Amazing Glass Shattering Physics Demo Is Now A Video Game

Every time game technology makers talk material physics, they pull out the old "shattering glass" demo. Now there's finally a game about it.

Update 3/7/14: Readers wanted to be reminded when Smash Hit came out, and this is how I remind you. The game is now available for free in iTunes and Google Play, and is fully-optimized for Tegra.


Mobile developer Mediocre loves playing with game physics, as evidenced by the sweet water motion in its Sprinkle series. I loves me some Sprinkle, but the studio's latest game, Smash Hit, is by far the coolest thing it's produced. It's an on-rails first-person shooter in which the player has to shoot heavy metal balls at fragile objects that get in their way.

The hefty spheres leave gaping holes in large glass panes that pop up to hinder progression. Spinning fans with glass blades must be taken out with perfect timing. Massive stone hammers with glass handles swing back and forth in their path. Thick panes hang suspended by ropes, falling away in pieces as they are smashed.

It's so very satisfying.

Smash Hit is coming to iOS and Android on March 6. The game will be free to download, with a one-time $1.99 purchase required to unlock checkpoint continues, making it easier to delve deeper into the endless halls of breaking glass.


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