Another Everquest, with old-school charm. Also, sweet double-barreled crossbows.

The game's called Pantheon, and it popped up on Kickstarter yesterday, promptly raking in over $40k in pledges. The guy behind it all, Brad McQuaid, had previously worked on both the first Everquest and Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. It really shows. Take a look:

We're looking at a harsh and difficult high fantasy MMORPG with old-school sandbox elements, plenty of lore and exploration, a focus on grouping, and clearly differentiated classes—but peppered with modern improvements, like a more actiony twitch-based combat system.

Not that there is an actual game to look at just yet. Pantheon is currently in pre-alpha, with a promised release window of January 2017. Of course, the campaign needs to gather its $800,000 first, plus a buy-to-play subscription-based game, in this day and age... a bit risky. Then again, $40k in the first day. Let's wait and see.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen [Kickstarter]

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