Ever Wanted To Make A Show Like Power Rangers? This Game Will Let You

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Indie group Behold Studios, who previously brought us the addictive RPG simulator Knights of the Pen and Paper, are now making a management game. It involves owning a sentai TV studio.


Its Kickstarter page describes Chroma Squad with a few keywords: "sentai heroes, manager, tactical turn-based, meta-game, pixel art fun." The game puts you in charge of a group of stuntsmen who want to create their very own TV studio. As their manager, your job is to guide them to sucess. How? Here's how, in the developers' words:

  • Hire and customize your actors.
  • Choose their jumpsuit color and their roles on battle.
  • Select skills and make your own build of abilities. Each color has its own skill tree of possibilities.
  • Buy equipment for your studio, such as cameras, microphones, chromakey carpets and lights to improve your gameplay experience.
  • Record episodes and complete seasons.
  • Each episode is a mix between tactical turn-based battles, with tons of dialogues, and explosive cinematics.
  • You have the lights, the cameras, and of course, you make the action! You control the movement, attack and skills of each of your chromatic party while recording.
  • Purchase consumable items and improve your abilities. Example: buy fireworks and gain +1 damage to your attack.
  • Create channels and improve your marketing campaigns, sending letters to your fans' mailboxes, chatting on IRC, going to conventions, and releasing comic books.
  • Take care of your fans, in a very cute mini-game, listening to their distinct stories and deciding if they deserve what they're asking for. Like a little boy who asks to visit the studio, but once you let him, you can't tell if he might break anything valuable. ;D
  • Record episodes with other studios online. Fight for audience in cooperative and competitive modes.

Its creators are currently planning to release Chroma Squad on PC (using Steam, if possible), and in the future, on iOS, Android, Ouya, and even the PSN—that is, if their game gets funded. Which it probably will, considering the project reached 29% funding by gathering $16,000 in just two days. If managing a TV studio and making your own crazy sentai show sounds like fun, head over to the Kickstarter page and take a look.

Chroma Squad - manager game with japanese-style super heroes [Kickstarter]

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This is actually the first thing I've seen on Kickstarter that I am seriously considering putting money into. Can anyone confirm that this studio is trustworthy and/or that their previous game was decent enough to warrant backing this one?

My middle-school self would never forgive me if I did not get on board with this.