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Even You Could've Easily Won This Arcade Game Tournament

Illustration for article titled Even You Couldve Easily Won This Arcade Game Tournament
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Suck at music games? But still want to win tournaments to impress friends and relatives? Well, you might've just missed your chance.


A Taito arcade in Tokyo's Takadanobaba recently held a Pop'n Music competition. The event was canned, because nobody showed up. So sad! The tweet from Taito read:

"Since there were zero participants at today's Pop'n Music competition, the event was cancelled... Since we have plans for holding another tournament, by all means, please participate..."


Maybe nobody will enter next time as well, making it possible for one lucky contestant to walk off with an easy tournament win.

また大会開催予定ですので是非ともご参加下さい・・ [@Taito_BBbaba via DSPSP初心者講座]

(Top photo: 雪うさぎのポップンブログ)

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maybe...but with my luck the only other person there would be this guy