Even LeBron James Is Impressed With This 2K Fan Video

A 2K18 player has made this little mixtape vid of his game, which has created LeBron James’ son (LeBron James Jr.) and put him on the same Lakers team as his dad.


It’s pretty good! Both as a video and as a vision of a possible future, where James sticks around in the league long enough for his almost-dunking son to make it to the NBA alongside him.


The vid is so good, in fact, that it drew the attention of James himself, who reposted it after getting a little emotional:

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LeBron, it was made by shady00018_, aka Shady, who is so good at this stuff that 2K asked him to make the intro clip for NBA 2K17.

Oh, and you might need to discuss with teammates if your son is going to wear 0:

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Shady is well known in the 2k community. He’s been making videos for as long as I can remember. Cool to see his work getting recognized by Lebron.