Even Game-Hating Daily Mail Likes GTA IV

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British tabloid Daily Mail isn't know for it's love of video games. In fact, most think that the paper totally hates them! So reviewing Grand Theft Auto IV is a primo opportunity to vilify gaming. Sure, it gets its digs in and calls the game a "sickening glorification of gangland savagery" and falsely says someone was stabbed at the midnight launch. Then the tone of the piece totally changes! Giving the game a five out of five, Daily Mail writes:

In fairness, though, the makers have for the first time utilised something that resembles a moral compass.

Killing is occasionally optional, dialogue and cut scenes are devoted to Nikos's inner turmoil and while criminality and violence are certainly glorified, its perpetrators are somehow not.


This doesn't mean that everyone at Daily Mail doesn't think GTA IV is a killing trainer, just this one review. But, still.
So Slick [Daily Mail via CVG]

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I've wondered that myself. I called into Public Radio to bring the social commentary up and was met with dead silence and then surprise. The social satire and the fact that the games are — first and foremost — a satirical take on the American gun culture, is what interests me in the games. It seems to go over the heads of most gamers (play online and see how many noticed), ALL critics of the game (politicians, etc.), and game publishers trying unsuccessfully to capture the humor and magic of the game by throwing in names like, "Freckle Bitches" for fast food joints. You know who you are, THQ.