Even Fox News Is Mad About The Division

Everyone’s bummed out about The Division these days, from internet message boards to cable news channels.


Ubisoft’s online shooter is going through some growing pains, and although the folks at developer Massive have been updating the game on a regular basis, they can’t seem to stop all the exploits. People have been complaining rather loudly about it for the past few weeks. Even Fox News is chiming in.

On a segment that aired last week during Fox’s Red Eye show, host Andy Levy (a longtime gamer) read out a list of “skills every 18-year-old should have” that was mostly full of helpful life advice. It ended with a jokey tip—“Be able to gear up your character in The Division”—and Levy couldn’t help but offer his own commentary.

“Be able to gear up your character in The Division, despite the way Massive nerfed the crafting system and allows packs of super-geared rogues to gank you in the Dark Zone—thanks a lot, jerks,” Levy said. “I may have added that last one on my own.”

Poor The Division. Exploits are no fun.



Last night I got swarmed by multiple groups of DZ99 Gear220 guys. They were all rogue level 5. I don’t know if it was multiple groups fighting or working together, but this is ridiculous. After I was instantly killed they just all stayed outside the safe house and I could not leave. I finally thought I could make a break for it. I was killed instantly. Another DZ99 Gear 220 player. I didn’t even know you could get 220. Why even play the DZ if you are lvl 99? I really want to break this game in half sometimes. The Dark Zone may have looked good on paper, but in reality it is one of the most broken and ill-conceived ideas I have ever experienced in 25+ years of gaming.