Even Dragon Ball Z's Vegeta Is Scared Of Ronda Rousey

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“She also scares me,” said the Prince of All Saiyans.

Nerd Reactor spoke with THE Vegeta—or at least his voice actor, Chris Sabat, in character as Vegeta—about UFC women’s bantamweight champ and professional headline monopolizer Ronda Rousey. Reason being, once upon a time in an interview with Fight Hub TV Rousey mentioned that she had a childhood crush on Vegeta. She also wore a Vegeta shirt during her recent Wrestlemania demolition-fest.

Vegeta’s take on Rousey?

“I’ve heard of her. She’s fine for a woman. I’m not surprised to find that she is incredibly attracted to me... because I’m so genuinely attractive and extremely strong. She has seen my power level for what it is.”


So yeah, Vegeta gon’ Vegeta. But then he added:

“She also scares me.”

Naturally. She is a human bulldozer. Also, Vegeta has shit takedown defense. I mean, did you see his fights with Frieza, Android 18, and Buu? You’d think that training in 500 times earth’s normal gravity would teach him to stay on his feet, but nope.

Vegeta also tried to make a joke and sort of indirectly hit on Rousey, but it was terrible because Vegeta is bad at jokes and words and anything that’s not yelling or living in Goku’s nigh-omnipresent shadow.

You can listen to the whole (brief) thing here. It’s pretty silly.


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Pro Scrabble Player

But Chris Sabat is the worst Vegeta even the Ocean Dub Vegeta destroys him. I ended up watching all the Ocean dubs then watched the American Funimation dubs and honestly Vegeta sounds awful, the saying “he sounds like he is constipated” really is true. If you have no idea what I am talking about go watch some comparisons of the Funimation Dub Vs the Ocean Dub both are english and all the episodes were done in the Ocean dub but they were never played in America after the Frieza saga. Everywhere else they were played so Sabat is actually not well known to anyone outside of America.

Oh yea when Goku and Vegeta Fuse they only have one voice too which is kinda neat.