Even Beheading Isn't Enough To Get A Mordor Orc To Stop Talking

Illustration for article titled Even Beheading Isnt Enough To Get A emMordor/em Orc To Stop Talking

You know how chickens can live without their heads? Same thing with orcs, apparently.


Lately I've become fascinated with a particular type of glitch in Shadow of Mordor, where players will behead an orc...only to have that orc continue to talk, as if nothing is wrong. Observe:

The "best" part about this video by ishavemyhole is that you can see down the inside of the orc's neck while he speaks. Gross.


Another example of this phenomenon:

Sometimes the orc can even try to run away:

The glitch can get pretty messed up, too, as this video by adnola777 shows:

It's like the orc knows what happened and is yelling at its own body to die. Woah.

I just wish that these folks would let the orc live, just to see if it would reappear later on headless, too—because that would be amazing.

You can check out other hilarious Shadow of Mordor glitches here.

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It's just a flesh wound! Come back here!