Even As A Pacifist You Will Still Kill Over 700 People In Grand Theft Auto V

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Screenshot: Sex Positive Gamer

Like they did with Max Payne, Sex Positive Gamer have sat down with Grand Theft Auto V and played it as peacefully as possible, keeping murders to the absolute minimum required to progress the story. And it’s still a lot of murders.


726, to be precise, most of them as part of missions where the objective is simply to kill XX number of bad guys, or certain targets, before it counts as being completed. They never ran over a single pedestrian, or triggered any police chases, and tested several missions with respawning enemies to find the fastest way possible to complete them.

That’s 172 kills playing as Michael, 295 as Franklin and “only” 258 as the homicidal maniac Trevor Philips, with a final kill coming as a collaboration between all three in the game’s final (canon) main story mission.


If you feel like checking their handiwork, all 726 are catalogued in the 13-minute video below.

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I, for one, am shocked that a game entirely about a constant stream of violent crime, murder, and mayhem makes it so very hard to play as a pacifist!

I just can’t believe it. Next you’ll be telling me that you also can’t beat Hotline Miami without killing hundreds of people!