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In my efforts to learn more about the pretty space game EVE Online before it suddenly turns into Deep Space Nine with the Walking in Stations expansion, I've been reading a great deal about the Council for Stellar Management, an organization of players, appointed by player vote, that bring important player concerns directly to developer CCP, acting on their behalf. It's basically the first democratically-elected governing body in a virtual world, to which players can submit their grievances and suggestions which are then passed on to CCP if deemed important enough to address. The Council servers for a six month term, with the first group elected back in March. Now they're preparing to pass on their power to a new group of players, with elections ending tomorrow. Unfortunately you have to be an EVE Insider to view the candidates, but they've got a whole page full, with platforms running anywhere from eloquently crafted speeches to "I love you." Now there's a message I can get behind. EVE Online Candidates Page - Voting Ends Friday the 21st (Registration Required) [EVE Online]


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