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Sony has revealed a Gran Turismo 5 collector's edition that is even more elaborate than the American one. It's a lot more expensive, too.


You get the following:

* Metal sculpted box finished in SLS AMG Obsidian Black
* Exclusive GT branded SLS AMG 1:43 model car
* GT leather wallet containing Signature Edition competition entry card
* Branded USB key with Polyphony/Mercedes-Benz trailer
* GT branded metal key fob
* Signature Edition coffee table book featuring the beautiful cars and locations of Gran Turismo 5
* 200 page Apex drivers magazine with hints on driving technique, car tuning, future technologies and more

Along with that, you'll also get a number of exclusive in-game vehicles. Which is a lot! And it'll cost you, with the pack running to €180. That's not a typo. That's €180. Or £150. Or USD$240.

A "cheaper" collector's edition will sell for €80, and include the game, Apex magazine, art cards and in-game vehicles.


If you thought this news would be accompanied by a release date for the thing you're buying...sorry, no, no release date yet.

For more information, and to see some of the in-game cars you'll receive (or real-world cars you could win) when you buy them game, see the link below.


Gran Turismo 5 – Something Special [PlayStation]

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