Europe Is Microsoft's "North Star"

Between Xbox Live and Halo and some other stuff in between, Microsoft have done a great job at nailing down a hardcore market. Problem is, that hardcore market is a small one. It's nothing compared to the kind of sales Sony managed last gen, and Nintendo are managing this gen. So MS are convinced that, in order to sell more 360s and get more people on Xbox Live, they need to go after a more casual market. And how do they do that? Why, they look for inspiration from the biggest casual market there is: Europe.

The gameplay style in Europe is more casual, more collaborative and social. They're a key part of us getting the next 20 million on the service. We're asking how we become something that's relevant to everyone. I think Europe is the North Star, the sign that says 'here's what it looks like to broaden the service to everyone'.


That was Microsoft's Scott Henson, explaining that Lips might not be necessarily targeted at you, America.

Inside the New Xbox Live - Part One [Edge]

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