Europe Getting Four More Bundles For The 250GB PS3

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This is a screen from the database of a GameStop in Sweden. See the highlighted bits? They're four hardware bundles due next month for the still-unofficial 250GB version of the PS3.


There are four bundles: one for FIFA 10, one for Uncharted 2, one for Ratchet & Clank Future and one for Need For Speed: Shift. They're tentatively priced at 4,499 Krona, which works out at around USD$650. As for the release date, they might be out October 2, they might be a little later, as retail system's aren't 100% reliable for that kind of thing.

Now, the games shown on this system differ from those rumoured earlier in the month. No big deal: there are always different deals going on across Europe, so these four games may well be offered in a bundle elsewhere, and the Assassin's Creed II and GT5 packs may well turn up in Scandinavia.



All Sony does is print a very thin box, that is then wrapped around the regular box in the store.

So if a customer asks for the Fifa bundle, the Gamestop employee will go to the back for two minutes. There he opens a regular PS3 pack, stuffs in FiFa10, takes one of the special deal cardboard boxes from the shelf. He then unfolds the special deal cardboard box, puts the normal PS3 box into it and walks out to the store front again.

It's not like those editions are prepackaged at a factory or anything. The stores get a few cardboard wraps and a contingent of games to stuff into them.

Due to the low Dollar the PS3 is way more expensive across Europe, so I guess Sony feels guilty enough to pack in a game. Buying the PS3 barebone is not really an option.