Europe Getting Four More Bundles For The 250GB PS3

This is a screen from the database of a GameStop in Sweden. See the highlighted bits? They're four hardware bundles due next month for the still-unofficial 250GB version of the PS3.


There are four bundles: one for FIFA 10, one for Uncharted 2, one for Ratchet & Clank Future and one for Need For Speed: Shift. They're tentatively priced at 4,499 Krona, which works out at around USD$650. As for the release date, they might be out October 2, they might be a little later, as retail system's aren't 100% reliable for that kind of thing.

Now, the games shown on this system differ from those rumoured earlier in the month. No big deal: there are always different deals going on across Europe, so these four games may well be offered in a bundle elsewhere, and the Assassin's Creed II and GT5 packs may well turn up in Scandinavia.

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