Euro PS3 Bundle Includes Four PSN Games

While Microsoft Europe seem intent on releasing a bundle to coincide with every single game released on the console over the next two months, Sony Europe are playing things a little more casual. Not so many bundles from them. Here's one they are releasing, though, and it's one that takes a slightly different approach to the standard throw-in-a-free-game deal. Seemingly destined for the Scandinavian market - having turned up unannounced on Norwegian online store Komplett, and having only Scandinavian languages on the box - this pack includes a 160GB PS3, a DualShock 3 and vouchers for four PSN games (GT5: Prologue, Quest for Booty, Last Guy & Super Stardust HD). You get all that for 4500 Krone, which is around USD$675.


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