After months of testing that may have seemed like playing a launched game to the uninitiated, Perfect World's Ether Saga Online is finally declared fit for launch.

Ether Saga Online is another one of these extremely adorable Asian MMO titles, this time based on the classic Chinese story Journey to the West, which I was told soon after posting my last story on ESO was pretty much the basis for everything ever created, ever. Good to know!


With the official launch comes a slew of changes and enhancements to the free-to-play title, which makes you wonder who was testing them while everyone else was testing the beta version. That question aside, 15 more levels tacked onto the already existing 90 is nothing to sneeze at, and the addition of Easy and Hard dungeon modes should make things appropriately easier or harder, as the case may be.

Check out the full list of launch enhancements below, or visit to wade into the cuteness.

The latest Ether Saga Online game play update includes additional features and enhancements such as:

* Increased Level Cap to 105 - Characters gain access to 13 new class skills from levels 91-105, effectively doubling the number of core player skills.
* Quest Line Enhancements – The main quest line from levels 1-45 has been streamlined to introduce players to the game mechanics and reduce the number of kill quests.
* New Raid Encounter – A new raid has been introduced. Designed for 6-24 players, The Obscurity is sure to challenge adventurers.
* New Difficulty Modes – Now features Easy and Hard modes for dungeons to encourage more casual gamers to compete in quests.
* Enhanced Gear Upgrading – Enhancements to the gear upgrading system provide players with new options to increase their chances for successful upgrades.
* New Monsters! – The addition of new elite monsters and the White Dragon world boss further adds to one of the most compelling aspects of Ether Saga Online's game play.

These new game play elements further bolster Ether Saga Online's extensive feature set, which also includes:

* Integrated Quest/Navigation System – Players will not be confused about where to go or what monsters to kill. Quests will have "link" which allow players to click on them and automatically navigate to their quest objectives.
* Unique Races and Classes – Three different races as well as six different classes. Each class having its own unique play style and gameplay.
* In-Depth Pet System – Every player starts with their own pet. Players can tame and capture new pets as they adventure through the world.
* Element Leveling System – As players level up, they receive points that can be assigned to specific elements. Each element has its own characteristics and affects the core gameplay of each user.
* Unique Skill System – Each class has a set of unique skills. Skills are not learned from trainers but rather on the fly through a battlefield menu system.
* Birthday Skills – Each character receives special abilities and skills related to the day their character was born.
* Clan Skills – Players can create clans/guilds and have opportunities to learn new abilities and skills as a group.
* Fusion System – Players can actually fuse with their pets and gain access to new abilities and gameplay options.
* Monster Card System – Players can collect monster cards which allow them to transform into specific monsters. In monster form, players gain access to new abilities and skills.
* Crafting System – Players can choose from 9 different crafting and gathering skills.
* Reputation System – Monsters will have their own factions in-game. Players can gain reputation with these creatures and gain access to new content.
* Alliance System – Clans can group up into Alliances in order to combat difficult monsters or even other Alliances.

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