Eternal Sonata On PS3: More Than Just A Port

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Eternal Sonata's due on the PS3 (at least in Japan) in September 2008. It was released on the 360 (at least in Japan) in June 2007. Time enough for tri-Crescendo to make the wait a little more worthwhile for PS3 owners, yes? Yes. Plenty of time. The PS3 version will feature two new playable characters, new dungeons, new quests, multiple endings (which depend on your in-game actions), new costumes, some new musical numbers and even new 2D character illustrations. That's a lot of stuff! Maybe even enough to convince some die-hard fans to buy the thing twice. All those upgrades should feature in the Western versions as well, which will be out...sometime in the future.


New Details on Eternal Sonata's PS3 Port [Eternal Sonata]

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D: New content as DLC for 360 too? Pretty plz?