Essential Fallout 4 Mod Turns The Toilet Paper Around

Immersive Toilet Paper is a mod for Fallout 4 by jet4571 and Elianora which takes the game’s existing toilet paper, which is facing the incorrect way, and turns it the correct way. Thus making the game, as advertised, more immersive.


If roll-facing-the-wall was the default position for an entire society’s toilet paper, then they deserved to die in the fires of the apocalypse.

You can get it here, with the fix applying not just for your home at the start of the game, but every other functioning toilet in the game as well. And yes, there’s a homemaker version included.


Via @AlmightyBoob

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Where’s the mod that just leaves the new roll on the counter, maybe puts a water-withered one in the sink or tub. I have kids and cats. No roll is safe.